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smart EQ fortwo e-cup - Misano World Circuit, Italy 22-24 June 2018



Race 1 Results - 24 June 2018
Position  Driver Gap
1 Fulvio Ferri (Forte Group)  
2 Antonino Cannavo (Mercedes-Benz Italy Truck) +13.462
3 Piergiorgio Capra (Dealership Mercedes-Benz Venus)  +14.020
4 Fulvio Marengo (Rome Gas & Power) +26.539
5 Marco Bronzetti (Sport Mediaset) +28.844
6 Alberto Lembo (Lembo)  +29.833
7 Alberto Vassallo (Mercedes-Benz Gino dealership) +31.449
8 Silvia Sellani (Mercedes-Benz Rome)  +32.529
9 Marco Panzavuota (Lpd) +36.172
10 Silvia Simoni (Merfina)  +43.052
11 Mauro Garbarino (Dealership Mercedes-Benz Autocentauro) +1:06.371
12 Vittorio Ghirelli (Mercedes-Benz Rome)  +1:52.845
13 Lorenzo Longo (Sind Neurottimo)  1 Lap
14 Andrea Stassano (Pirelli) 1 Lap
15 Gianalberto Francesco Coldani (Merfina)  1 Lap
16 Franco Gallina (Funk)  1 Lap

Race 1 Report

The smart EQ fortwo e-cup championship has officially started with the sixteen drivers who faced the first race on the San Marino track. The cars with zero emissions covered eight laps in the 18 minutes predicted. The first five laps had a single protagonist, Marco Panzavuota (Lpd) who started from pole position defended the first position from the pursuers, only to spin in the course of the fifth lap in which Fulvio Ferri took advantage and took control of the race. Ferri maintained the first position up to the finish line and behind was Antonino Cannav˛, who recovered positions thus also ensuring victory for the "Gentleman" class for drivers over 50. On the third step of the podium was Piergiorgio Capra, who managed to grab third place recovering important ground against Fulvio Marengo (Roma Gas and Power), fourth. A great fifth place for Marco Bronzetti "Marchettino" (Sport Mediaset). In eighth position Silvia Sellani (Mercedes-Benz Rome) arrived thanks to a brilliant performance. Roman placed was in front of Marco Panzavuota, only ninth despite the positive first part of the race and Marches is followed by the other woman at the wheel of the Mercedes home car, Silvia Simoni (Merfina). The 17 year old has hit the top 10 winning the "Junior" class (Under 21), while her direct opponent in this category Gianalberto Francesco Coldani (Merfina) closed the fifteenth place. Mauro Garbarino (Mercedes-Benz Dealership) crossed the finish line in eleventh position followed by Vittorio Ghirelli (Mercedes-Benz Rome), Lorenzo Longo (Sind Neurottimo) and Andrea Stassano (Pirelli). Franco Gallina (Funk) concludes the classification. Information courtesy of Lug Prince and Decker, Italy


Race 2 Results - 24 June 2018 - TBC
Position  Driver Gap
1 Fulvio Ferri (Forte Group)  
2 Piergiorgio Capra (Concessionaria Mercedes-Benz Venus)  +10.644
3 Silvia Sellani (Mercedes-Benz Roma) +15.688
4 Marco Bronzetti (Sport Mediaset) +17.076
5 Antonino Cannav˛ (Mercedes-Benz Italia Truck) +18.988
6 Vittorio Ghirelli (Mercedes-Benz Roma)  +23.111
7 Alberto Lembo (Lembo)  +25.202
8 Silvia Simoni (Merfina)  +29.649
9 Marco Panzavuota (LPD) +37.122
10 Lorenzo Longo (Sind Neurottimo) +37.870
11 Andrea Stassano (Pirelli)  +48.252
12 Fulvio Marengo(Roma Gas e Power)  +52.843
13 Gianalberto Coldani (Merfina) +1:44.140
14 Franco Gallina (Funk) 1 Lap


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