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smart EQ fortwo e-cup - May 18th and 19th - Misano, Italy

Misano, smart EQ fortwo e-cup, 

Day 1

There were 15 minutes of a thrilling show on track yesterday (18th May) in the first of two e-races in the Italian Alternative Energies Championship ACI Sport - smart EQ fortwo e-cup staged today at the Misano World Circuit. At the end of a fantastic battle that lasted from the first to the last lap of the race, Fulvio Ferri (Team #Merfina) got the better of an exciting sprint finish for just 178 thousandths on Riccardo Azzoli ( Team Gino) and Giuseppe de Pasquale (RSTAR Palermo), 8 tenths off.

The start of the race, held on a wet track, saw Vittorio Ghirelli (Mercedes-Benz Rome Team) take the best position from pole and fly at the top of the group, the brawl between Gianluca Carboni (Team Rossi) started immediately behind him and, at his side, Riccardo Azzoli and Michele Spoldi (Crema Diesel).

Azzoli and Carboni took turns leading the race in the early stages of the race, while Ferri and De Pasquale quickly moved behind them. In a whirlwind of position changes, a spectacular but well-mannered fight between the four characterized the whole race, interrupted only by the deployment of the safety car following an accident between Franco Gallina (Team Funk) and Silvia Sellani (Mercedes-Benz Rome).

Azzoli, Carboni, De Pasquale and Ferri repeatedly overtook each other until the last corner of the last lap when the reigning Champion went on to take the second win of the season that now propels him to the top of the championship standings, with Azzoli second.

Giuseppe de Pasquale takes home the third consecutive bronze medal of this 2019, in front of Gianluca Carboni, fourth. Fifth place for Pierluigi Capra (Team Venus), who regulates Lorenzo Longo (Team Novelli 1934) and Michele Spoldi (Team Crema Diesel) all snapped up in the early stages by the leading group.

Marco Panzavuota (Team Merbag Milan) had to settle for eighth place after having spun as he fought for fifth place. Tenth place overall and victory in the National Lady Cup for Alessandra Torresani (Team Bonera Group).

The Junior National Cup went to Gianalberto Coldani, while Franco Gallina was the leader in the Gentleman ranking.


Day 2

Another exciting battle characterized the second race of the weekend: Lorenzo Longo (Team Novelli 1934) with a spectacular manoeuvre on the last corner of the last lap got the better of Giuseppe De Pasquale (Team RSTAR Palermo), at the fourth podium in four races this 2019.

At the start it was Marco Panzavuota (Team Merbag Milan) who took advantage from pole and took the lead, followed by a group composed of Michele Spoldi (Team Crema Diesel), Longo, Piergiorgio Capra (Team Venus), Gianluca Carboni (Team Rossi), De Pasquale and the refitting Vittorio Ghirelli (Mercedes-Benz Team Rome) and Alfonso Chiarini (Team Barbuscia). Even Riccardo Azzoli (Team Gino) was part of the fray, but the driver from Lazio was soon forced to raise the white flag following a contact in the very early stages of the race.

On the second lap, Longo took command of the operations overtaking Panzavuota and immediately tried to distance the group, slowed by the intense battle on the track. After De Pasquale was installed in second place, he began to erode the advantage of the leader until the last lap. The final was heart-pounding with the two drivers, both looking for the first success in the championship.  They overtook each other several times until the last corner, when Longo tried everything and, following a spectacular manoeuvre taking the inside line, he flew under the chequered flag.

"It was an incredible race, full of emotions until the end. The fight with De Pasquale was beautiful, I risked it and it went well. I am overjoyed about this success. I want to dedicate this victory to my newborn son Giacomo and thank Novelli 1934, the Genoa dealer who allowed me to be here today, and my father, without whose constant help all this would not have been possible." commented Longo on the podium.

Giuseppe de Pasquale had to settle for fthe ourth podium finish in four races this year, a consistency of results that propels him to the head of the championship, four points ahead of Fulvio Ferri (Team Merfina) who today, was only ninth after serving a penalty.

Vittorio Ghirelli completed an extraordinary comeback from the eleventh place on the grid to finish third. Alfonso Chiarini finished in fourth place ahead of Spoldi at the finish line. Antonio Tarasca (Team Rossi) in the second race of his career, brought home a convincing sixth place,  a testimony to the rapid growth of the driver from the Marche.

Alessandra Torresani (Team Bonera) won the victory in the National Lady Cup thanks to an excellent seventh place overall, ahead of her rival Silvia Sellani (Mercedes-Benz Rome), eighth at the finish line. The defending champion Fulvio Ferri crossed the finish line in fifth place, but was then relegated to the ninth place following a penalty.

Riccardo Longo, brother of the winner Lorenzo, gave the Paradiso Group Team the victory in the National Junior Cup with a convincing tenth position under the chequered flag.

As championship leader, Gianluca Carboni (Team Ferri) finished the race in third place, but was relegated to eleventh position due to an infringement at the start..

Franco Gallina took home the victory in the National Gentleman Cup thanks to a twelfth final position.

The whole show of the smart EQ fortwo e-cup is back on track on July 6th and 7th on the Adria Rovigo track for two more thrilling races full of emotions.

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